Ben Pearson - Rich Mullins - Black and White

Ben Pearson - Rich Mullins - Black and White

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Ben Pearson is a personal friend of Jimmy Abegg.

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This original piece of art has been donated to benefit "Build Blind Jimmy's lighthouse", a fundraising benefit to build Jimmy Abegg an art studio in his back yard. Jimmy is a fine artist in Nashville, TN who is going blind from Macular Degeneration. Read more here.


Black and white analog, 11"x14" silver gelatin print, on fiber. Handprinted by Ben Pearson. Circa 1995. Location: Rural Ireland, for Here In America music video.


Artist Ben Pearson
Title Rich Mullins
Mounting Unmounted
Medium Silver Gelatin Print
Size 11"x14"
Year 1995
Artist Website
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