Handmade Natural Indigo Dyed Shibori Pillows

Handmade Natural Indigo Dyed Shibori Pillows

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Gina Binkley is a personal friend of Jimmy Abegg.

This original piece of art has been donated to benefit "Build Blind Jimmy's lighthouse", a fundraising benefit to build Jimmy Abegg an art studio in his back yard. Jimmy is a fine artist in Nashville, TN who is going blind from Macular Degeneration. Read more here.


A pair of handmade natural indigo dyed shibori pillows by artist Gina Binkley.


Artist Gina Binkley
Title Handmade shibori pillows- pair
Mounting Unmounted
Medium Indigo Dyed
Size 12"x12"x4"
Year 2016
Artist Website