Build Blind Jimmy's Lighthouse:
Progress Report

Friends, the journey is ongoing. Here is where we are and what's next for the Lighthouse build.

The benefit concert in February was a success. That along with donations, means we have $51k in the bank.

Getting going has been slower than we had hoped. Navigating the historical overlay approvals process, and Metro codes took a while. We also made some changes to the blueprints. We've maximized wall space and removed some windows, because windows, as it turns out, are not all that useful to me.

The largest challenge we have had to overcome has been finding the right / affordable builder to partner with, given the unique nature of this project. We have that in place now, and are awaiting final build costs in order to really get moving.

Ground Breaking

We threw together a impromptu groundbreaking recently and had a moment of kind words and prayers as we move into the next phase. Thank you for helping us get to this point. Not sure if "miracle" is the correct word, but it definitely comes to mind. 

From the friends who have donated thousands, to the strangers who took the time to give $10. If just goes to show you that the world is still a pretty great place full of people with big hearts; which I find inspiring.

More soon, love Jimmy A

If you feel the urge to continue your support, or know someone who might be interested, share the love and spread the word! Here's the link:



Our next effort is an online art auction. I'm really excited about that. We have over 50 works that have been donated. More on the auction soon... In the meantime, check out this shot of Bowie donated by Frank Ockenfels III.

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