Build Blind Jimmy's Lighthouse


“It’s a great time to be blind!” This is something Jimmy has said to me multiple times over the past few months, and I have no doubt he means it. If a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, Jimmy sees opportunity in every difficulty.*

Jimmy has been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, and while it's painful to watch our friend lose his sight, it's even more painful to watch him lose many of the ways he provides for his family. He can no longer practice photography or graphic design. He can no longer drive his old truck. He can no longer even read without a magnifying glass.
His condition, thankfully, will not render him totally blind. He can still see light, shapes, and colors, which means he can still make his beautiful art.
Since driving to a studio is no longer an option, we want to build him a studio in his backyard. Manuel Zeitlin has designed a space that will be the perfect fit — and it has already received approval from Metro codes! 

We have affectionately dubbed our cause: "Build Blind Jimmy’s Lighthouse"

How can you help?

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to build Blind Jimmy's Lighthouse. You can help by donating now or contact us if you want to donate building resources and labor to the project.